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Personal Info Survey CIMT 443/543

Production of Instructional Materials Spring 2002


Name: Joseph I. Williams


Mailing Address 1193 E. Dawn Dr. Terre Haute IN, 47807


Daytime Phone: 234-6731                                       Other Phone: 236-1559

Primary e-mail address:       

Secondary e-mail address:


Im registered as? Full-time graduate


Is this your first online/web-based course?  No. I have taken several courses on-line at ISU.


Your time zone: Indiana Time


Best Time(s) to Catch You Online? 7-10am, 5-10pm


Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? I connect using a DSL modem. I use two separate ISPs, and


Type of computer you will use for participating in the course? Pentium III class PC and Windows98 second edition.


Computer and other peripherals easily available to you? Laptop, web cam, video card, scanner, CD and DVD drives.


What is your current work/school situation? I am enrolled in 9 credit hours of graduate coursework, which includes an internship with Great Dane scheduled for 10-15 per week. I also work on-campus as a Graduate Assistant for Mr. Tony Brewer with the McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Project for 20 hrs per week.


Do your library interests/experiences tend to lie in school library media, public library service, both, or undecided? School library.


What library experience do you have other than being a user? none


Public and school libraries within easy access to you that you are likely to use for course support: [NOTE: access to an adequate public library or college/university library reference collection is necessary, even if you have to drive a short distance for access if this is problematic, be in touch with me ASAP]. The Vigo County Public Library, and the ISU Library as well as online Libraries are accessible.


Other CIMT courses or education courses you have taken or are currently taking? CIMT 610 Research in Education


Miscellaneous Personal Info: I enjoy reading, bike riding, guitar playing, and video /photography.