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Portfolios: Web Resources
Portfolio Assessment in Mathematics Education
An ERIC digest article; includes types of portfolio assessment, advantages and disadvantages, and a list of resources on portfolio assessment, especially in math.

Teacher Portfolio Assessment
An ERIC article about assessing teachers with portfolios; includes implementation tips and a list of articles about the subject.

Performance and Portfolio Assessment for Language Minority Students
Defines alternative, performance, and portfolio assessment; includes examples of assessment criteria; published by the National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education.

Portfolio Assessment
By the San Diego County Office of Education, this article offers an overview of portfolios, some ways to go about them, success stories from within the county, and information on research.

Assessment: California School-to-Work Handbook
This gives an overview of assessment philosophies including authentic and alternative.

Technology-Supported Portfolio Assessment
This article reviews hardware and software that can be used to make portfolios easier and more effective.

Electronic Portfolios
An ERIC digest giving a brief overview of using technology for portfolio assessment. Includes a bibliography.

How to Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio
Based on the "5-by-5" method of portfolio development, this is a tutorial for design and development. There is a link to an explanation of the "5-by-5" method for the unfamiliar.

Education Week article on assessment
The "Hot Issue" in EdWeek, this gives an overview of assessment issues and provides links to resources.