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ACT: Training Evaluation Services

This is a site for a firm to assist HRD Professionals in a variety of functions.  Their services include needs analysis, training evaluation, and skills certification.  This firm will do it all or train the HRD Professionals to do it.

Association for Training and Development (ASTD)

This web site provides the latest trends, and HRD executive survey reports.  You can find the report about measurement and evaluation in Research link.  Researcher can also aware that how important is measurement and evaluation to HRD executives from this web site.  In Learning Communities have reading and resources, discussion board, performance improvement, and so on.

ASTD Evaluation/ROI Community

Discussion board dealing with evaluation. Articles dealing with both Kirkpatricks Four Level Model and alternatives.  Implementation guidelines for evaluation programs.

Center for Instructional Technologies

The Center for Instructional Technologies assists HRD Professionals integrate technology into instruction, serving as a training center, a consulting firm, and a resource center.  The Center will do it all, train the HRD Professional to do it, or anything in between.

General Dennis J. Reimer Training & Doctrine Digital Library

The site is from military training course where a variety of perspectives of training is viewed. The site discusses the area of the training concepts, an effective training model, training tips, and comprehensive evaluation of training. Its evaluation is viewed form two perspectives: training effectiveness and training efficiency. Although this method could be a little bit different from industry situation, it is another good site to be looked at to see different version of training evaluation model.


An informative and useful site for human resource managers. Library of articles dealing with evaluation and performance enhancement and pre-written tools that can save time.  HR next has an online answer hotline for members where questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Hrzone: Human Resources and Personnel Information

In HR Zone, researcher can receive basic HR information, law, whats new, and what experts are saying.  There are many articles can inform researchers what happen in HR, and how we can improve.

Human Resources

This site gives two sample evaluation forms: evaluation of training form and online training evaluation forms. The title of the site is called Training, Development, and Education, and there is a separated section called  Training Evaluation of Effectiveness. Not only it shows the evaluation of effectiveness but it also explores different training tools such as trends, tips, links to training media, different country training resources, training materials, and the above-mentioned evaluation forms.


Human Resource Development - Training and Development Subjects

Big Dog's HR Link Page - Training and Development Subjects
This web site can divide by two different parts.  For general HR sites, such as magazines, link pages, and organizations, go to HRD Links.  You can find many useful magazines and organizations to receive the latest news in HRD field.  For Human Resource subjects, such as 360 degree feedback, appraisals or evaluations, communications, and mentoring, go to Big Dog's HR Subject Links.


Indiana State University-Management/ Supervision


This site contains the list of all those literature that Human Resource personnel can use to conduct a training, an evaluation, or to manage people effectively. The list contains not only literatures but also those videotapes that HRD can use in their training sessions.

The Institute of Management & Administration


The main focus on this site is in how to be successful in Performance Improvement (IP). It describes and provides five principles for successful IP, an evaluation methods, and Human Performance Technology (HPT) model that explains where evaluation comes in. The Institute of Management and Administration does give well-defined principles that gives a well outlined evaluation usage that the students can learn from. The one area that concerns the reader is if this would work for any



The Institue of Proaganda Analysis


In 1937, the Institute for Propaganda Analysis was created to educate the American public about the widespread nature of political propaganda. The IPA is best-known for identifying the seven basic propaganda devices: Name-Calling, Glittering Generality. Propaganda analysis exposes the tricks that propagandists use and suggests ways of resisting the short-cuts that they promote. This web-site discusses various propaganda techniques, provides contemporary examples of their use, and proposes strategies of mental self-defense.


International Society for Performance Improvement


This site has current articles dealing with improving performance, ROI on training, conferences relating to training issues, and awards that are currently being handed out in the industry.  This site also has some top selling books relating to training and performance improvement.  This site would be useful for an HRD Professional to get additional resources in their quest to improve performance and the training ROI.

The Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits
Organizational Performance Management


A significant portion of this site is devoted to evaluation and performance management. Some of the information applies to non-profit organization but most is for both non-profit and for profit organizations.  Information regarding environmental scanning, free training program for managers, many articles dealing with performance management.

Measurit: Measuring and Assessing Training to Improve ROI


This is a site for a management consulting firm which has services that an HRD Professional could utilize to assist in improving the ROI for training or the firm could do it all themselves.  Their services include assessment and consulting services, training materials, and training programs.

Performance Management Network


Online articles dealing with performance management and evaluation.  Free subscription allows you to access case studies and participate in discussions dealing with evaluation and performance management.

SHRM Online


This web site contains HR resources, professional development, and so on.  The researcher can obtain the latest news, trends about HR.  This web site also provides search engine and link to other HR web sites.  Therefore, researchers can find all the HR information through this web site.


Training ROI Calculator


This is a site called the Internet University and has 4 spreadsheets that can be utilized by anyone wanting to figure the ROI of training.  This is a free site.  The 4 spreadsheets are cost of development data sheet, cost of delivery data sheet, return on investment summary report, description of equations used in the ROI Calculator sheet.  This would be a good site to determine if the cost of a training program being developed would be worth it.