Human Resources
Summary of Great Dane


ITE 605 Developing Occupational Curriculum
Resources for Evaluation & Performance
ITE 675 Leadership of HR
HRD Internship
ITE 670 Systematic Instructional Design
CIMT 610 Research in Education
CIMT 543 Production of Instructional Materials
ITE 335 Technology & International Development
ITE 695

About Great Dane

With about 4,000 employees, of whom about 800 are salaried, we are neither an extremely large nor highly structured company. So you're not likely to get lost. Second, our people work hard and don't like to waste time on unnecessary paperwork. You won't spend your time writing long reports to be passed up a long chain of command for editing and rewriting. We don't have long, elaborate training programs to teach you what you can learn a lot better by doing. We are not a great big company where you can look good by being in the right place at the right time, but get lost if you're not.

Because we're not a giant corporation, it's also possible to operate the company without a great many rigid rules. Our philosophy is that our people are adults and should be treated with respect, like adults. Department managers are around to guide you - not control you. We expect our people to respond flexibly to the demands of their jobs, to learn to use judgment where judgment is needed, to get advice when advice is needed - in other words, to perform their jobs like professionals.

In summary, we don't think Great Dane is for everyone. But we believe Great Dane is very right for many college graduates. If you think you might feel at home in our environment, check our job listings.

What We Do:
Few people outside the transportation industry understand the importance of trailer trucking to our economy. Virtually everything produced in this country moves over our roads. Hardly anything moves exclusively by rail. Most is moved by truck trailers. Raw materials, industrial supplies and fuels are shipped by trailer to manufacturing plants. Finished goods and agricultural produce are shipped to warehouses, retail stores and even homes, for the most part in truck trailers.

Great Dane designs and produces trailers for all these uses - for hauling dry cargo, refrigerated foods and other cargo. Drop frame trailers are made for hauling furniture and electronic equipment, open top trailers for produce, flatbed or platform trailers for hauling machinery and steel. Many of these trailers may be shipped by highway, rail or ship.