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ITE 675 Leadership of HR in Education and Training


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ITE 675 Leadership of HR
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About the Course...
In the course ITE 675 Leadership of Human Resources in Education and Training, one learns about various tools, techniques, and approaches for leading people within organizations. Implicit to the survival of a learning organization in today's ever-changing industries is the need to secure and maintain a position of competitive advantage and market strength. An increasing role of HRD professional is to assist organizations to create, maintain, and continually improve the policies, strategies and tactics that will enable employees to function at an exemplary level. This course is an introduction to concepts of leaqdership, organizational culture, organizational change, shared vision, and needs assessment.

Required texts...

Hesselbein, F. & Cohen, P. M. (Eds.).  (1999).  Leader to leader: Enduring insights on leadership from the Drucker Foundation's award-winning journal.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Lewis, C. P. (1997).  Building a shared vision: A leader's guide to aligning the organization.  Portland, OR: Productivity Press.

Course Instructor

Melanie R. Fagert, Ed.D.
Department of Industrial Technology Education
Indiana State University - Terre Haute, IN  47809
Phone: 812.237.2648 or 800.468.5236
Fax: 812.237.2655

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