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ITE 605 Developing Occupational Curriculum
Resources for Evaluation & Performance
ITE 675 Leadership of HR
HRD Internship
ITE 670 Systematic Instructional Design
CIMT 610 Research in Education
CIMT 543 Production of Instructional Materials
ITE 335 Technology & International Development
ITE 695
HRD Directory
Useful Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Useful ISU Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Departmental Address 
Industrial Technology Education Department
Technology Center 219
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN  47809
Phone:    (812)237-2642
Toll free: 1-800-468-5236
Fax:         (812)237-2655   

ITE Faculty/Staff Phone Numbers, Email addresses and Webpages

  Phone Webpage Email
Dr. Anthony Gilberti, Chairperson (812)237-2642
Dr. Joe Busby (812)237-2650
Ms. Cindy Crowder  (812)237-4508
Dr. Melanie Fagert  (812)237-2648
Dr. Davison Mupinga (812)237-2652
Dr. Rob Nora (812)237-3623
Ms. Jeanine Overfelt (812)237-2642
Ms. Carole Yaw (812)237-2643

School of Technology
: 1-888-478-7703

Distance Education
      General Information number                                   1-888-237-8080
      IHETs site information                                             1-888-237-8080
      Independent Study Courses                                   1-888-237-8080, x 2555
      Ordering videotapes                                               1-888-237-8080, x 8224
      IHETS Control (Help during class)                         (317)263-8989

Cunningham Library  For Library Services Judy Tribble, 1-800-851-4729.
                                      Library Hours (812)237-2375; Information (812)237-2580

Office of the Controller (to pay tuition fees)                                       1-800-955-2299

Office of Admissions (undergraduate information/application):    1-800-742-0891

School of Graduate Studies (graduate information/application)1-800-444-4723

Office of Registrar (812)237-2020; Transcripts (812)237-4990; Veteran's Certification (812)237-4989

ISU Bookstore (812)237-3500; Fax (812)237-3498

Student Financial Aid Office 1-800-841-4744     

To Obtain a Sycamore Card (I.D.) Michelle Winters, Traffic and Parking Services (812)237-4339

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