Human Resources
Evaluation Tool(s)


ITE 605 Developing Occupational Curriculum
Resources for Evaluation & Performance
ITE 675 Leadership of HR
HRD Internship
ITE 670 Systematic Instructional Design
CIMT 610 Research in Education
CIMT 543 Production of Instructional Materials
ITE 335 Technology & International Development
ITE 695

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Evaluate student performance:

How will you determine whether or not they met the lesson's objective?


The evaluation should match the objective. Some objectives can be adequately assessed with a pen and paper test. If the objectives call for demonstrating a process, creating a product, or developing an attitude, the evaluation will frequently require observing the behavior in action. 


Evaluate media components:

How will you determine the media effectiveness?    


Evaluate instructor performance:

How will you determine whether or not your own performance as instructor/facilitator was effective?

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