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Human Resource Development Portfolio

Rationale & Evaluation of HRD


Carol A. Farris, Joseph I. Williams, Elijah Ogeto Onsomu, Jennifer Bewley


This electronic portfolio contains links to pertinent associations and organizations in the field of Human Resource Development. These sites contain a wide variety of human resource information.


Academy of Human Resources Development

Academy of Human Resources Development promotes HRD through knowledge Generation, Knowledge Dissemination & Capacity Building through activities. Provides Educational Programs, PDPs, Training Programs, and Consultancy Services. The Academy also organizes Round Table Conferences, undertakes Research Projects and provides services for the NGO sector.


Training and Development Branch

As partners in science, the Training and Development Branch (TDB) helps the National Institute of Health tackle present and future challenges by offering valuable learning experiences that empower employees to maximize their performance and achieve their full potential.


People Solution Strategies 

People Solution Strategies is committed to helping businesses develop exceptional leadership and execute better than their competition so that they can become extraordinary. Our proven methods can assist your management team in achieving those results.



SCT is the leading global provider of technology solutions for colleges and universities of all sizes and complexity. The Company supports more than 1,300 client institutions worldwide with administrative and academic solutions; portal, community, and collaboration solutions; content management and workflow solutions; information access and integration solutions; and professional services. SCT works together with clients and partners to provide the e-Education Infrastructure that enables institutions to create the digital campuses that fulfill their unique missions.


Global Quality Learning Center

Global Quality Learning Center is teaching and guiding companies to generate solutions from the heart of the work force. Offering a wide range of training from continuous education classes for all employees to professional development courses for support staff they are your resource to turn to whatever your training requirements. Custom training is also available on diverse topics ranging from ergonomics to foreign language skills.


U.S. Department of Education

Support departments in program goals, defining indicators, promote sound budge, measure performance of departments, provides guidance for programs, assess to information and ideas on educational programs around the world, evaluates performance of selected department of education programs and services for effectiveness, efficiency and equity, conducts independent evaluations of federal education program performance reporting across the department of education.


Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory

By NW Regional educational laboratory, an educational service on evaluation, program overview, program planning, grant writing assistance, formative evaluation, summative evaluation, data collection, database development and web integration, data analysis and presentation.


Performance Assessment for Science Teachers

Written by Dr. Hugh Baird, takes us through steps of performance assessment with a focus on science teachers. Getting started, Background reading, evaluating higher order thinking, Performance tests and task, and ends with developing a performance test.


Comprehensive Performance Assessment

A review scheme for local authorities, where audit commission draws together the entire existing audit, inspection, and assessments so as to collect new information needed to plug gaps in knowledge, and provide a rounded view of performance of each council in England.


Office of Assessment & Evaluation

Main responsibilities are developing and implementing states student assessment program. It gives information to teachers, administrators, parents, and students about development and administration of statewide assessment tests, simple test, scored student work, and upcoming events and news.


American Society for Training and Development

The organization is involved in many areas, but of most importance to us HRD specialist, that the organization educates include training fundamentals, e-learning, evaluation, and ROI, OD and leadership, performance, consulting, education, research, how to communicate, and value of training. ASTD also conducts workshops such as ROI among others.

ACT: Training Evaluation Services
This is a site for a firm to assist HRD Professionals in a variety of functions. Their services include needs analysis, training evaluation, and skills certification. This firm will do it all or train the HRD Professionals to do it.


Center for Instructional Technologies
The Center for Instructional Technologies assists HRD Professionals integrate
technology into instruction, serving as a training center, a consulting firm,
and a resource center. The Center will do it all, train the HRD Professional
to do it, or anything in between.

General Dennis J. Reimer Training & Doctrine Digital Library
The site is from military training course where a variety of perspectives of
training is viewed. The site discusses the area of the training concepts, an
effective training model, training tips, and comprehensive evaluation of
training. Its evaluation is viewed form two perspectives: training
effectiveness and training efficiency. Although this method could be a little
bit different from industry situation, it is another good site to be looked at
to see different version of training evaluation model.


An informative and useful site for human resource managers. Library of articles dealing with evaluation and performance enhancement and pre-written tools that can save time. HR next has an online answer hotline for members where questions will be answered within 24 hours.


Big Dog's HR Link Page
This web site can divide by two different parts. For general HR sites, such as
magazines, link pages, and organizations, go to HRD Links. You can find many
useful magazines and organizations to receive the latest news in HRD field.
For Human Resource subjects, such as 360 degree feedback, appraisals or
evaluations, communications, and mentoring, go to Big Dog's HR Subject Links.


Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Sometimes overlooked by Human Resource Development professionals, SHRMs website has numerous articles and white papers available covering development issues.  Through a new relationship with the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the white papers are available on ASTDs website.  However, a stop to SHRMs website should also be made as it will provide articles from HR Magazine, which frequently includes a special Training and Development section.



A portal to anything related to adult learning, HRD professionals in both academia and organizations alike can locate useful information here.  A special Training FAQs section provides answers to specific training questions such as measuring return on investment, what the hot trends are, and which conferences provide the best material.  Links to numerous training, human resource development, and adult education websites are provided on the Resources/Organizations page.



Formerly known as the Training Supersite, this web site provides HRD professionals with articles, training products, and a calendar of upcoming training events.  The search feature links HRD professionals with articles from Training magazine from 1993 to present.


U. S. Department of Labor

Employment and Training Administration Page

This site provides a wealth of knowledge for HRD professionals seeking real-world applications of human resource programs.  The ETA Online Research Database contains a searchable database of articles regarding the development, integration, evaluation and success of HRD programs across the country.


The Training Foundation

HRD professionals interested in industry related research would find this site of interest.  The Training Foundation is a U.K. Training Certification organization, and their site provides links to research articles of interest to the HRD practitioner.


Training Press Releases

This site is the one-stop article shop for the HRD professional.  As new training articles are released in publications, this site assembles them together with click links for easy access.  Though articles are primarily U.K. based, the information presented in the article may be generalized to U.S. based professionals.